A History Serving Justice

Prior to his election, Judge Schlegel was one of the top felony prosecutors in the Jefferson Parish District Attorney’s Office where he successfully prosecuted many murderers and sex offenders with almost 20 life sentences.

As victims of a violent crime, the Schlegels know first-hand of the traumas crime has on individuals and the role of a strong and effective judiciary to bring justice and peace of mind to its citizens.

Since 2013, Judge Schlegel has championed programs like Smart on Crime, Re-entry Court, and Swift and Certain Probation - all designed to reduce recidivism and make our communities safer.

Judge Schlegel defends the Constitution and does not believe judges should legislate from the bench. You don’t have to guess how Judge Schlegel will rule. He follows the law and pursues justice.

Smart. Efficient.

Through hard work and with a business entrepreneur’s mindset, Judge Schlegel is a national leader in modernizing our justice system. His programs are focused on keeping our communities safer and saving our taxpayer dollars.

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Smart on Crime Initiative

Designed to hold offenders accountable and focuses on rehabilitation to reduce the number of new victims

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Re-Entry Court

Trains individuals while incarcerated to become productive citizens and reduce the chances they’ll return to a life of crime

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Swift & Certain Probation

Swift, fair and proportional sanctions are imposed for every violation to instill accountability and encourage positive behavior while also saving taxpayer money

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Using existing technologies in the civil legal system to save time and your money, including online calendaring, video conferencing and text/email reminders, and in the criminal justice system to ensure compliance and provide swift responses to violations

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